Thursday, September 29, 2005

Biloxi, here we come!

Dear Friends,

Son Andrew and I have been requested by The American Red Cross & The American Radio Relay League (National Ham Radio organization) to deploy to the Biloxi MS area to manage radio communications there and assist with medical support in the surrounding rural areas where there are still numerous ARC shelters housing thousands of evacuees still without power and the basic necessities. We will be driving down in a borrowed camper with notification from The ARC HQ in Montgomery AL to be prepared to be "self-contained for at least 10 days to 2 weeks" I guess we will finally have a taste of MRE's!!

As the details and timing unfold during the next couple of days, I will keep all posted via e-mails. I have also set up this blog, in addition to a page on our own Lab-Rover.Com that will be going up.

I am delighted that Andrew has been asked to join me (and that his new bride of a week agreed!). Besides his extensive wilderness training and experience, he has much of the same ARC Disaster training/experience under his belt at The Oregon Trail Chapter in Portland that I have completed over the years. He has also promised his mother to take care of his "old man"!! I figure if we can spend 5 weeks together going to the Arctic Sea this should be do-able.



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